Our case management team and consultants will review financial, legal and/or medical issues to combine services from each specialty in order to provide the results necessary to a healthier life of optimum wellness in patient care with the following services:

  • Assessments : We review medical, legal, financial, safety and social needs.
  • Capacity Concerns​ : We assess cognitive decline and help pursue care options to maintain the best quality of life and optimum wellness.
  • Residential Placement Assistance​: We work with you to find the best fit for your needs in the appropriate care setting.
  • Ongoing Monitoring Services: We provide ongoing home visits with frequency based on each case.
  • Advocacy & Legal Support​: We serve as an advocate for each client’s health care and lifestyle needs; if needed, we work closely with Board Certified Attorneys. LifeSpan Case Management can also testify on behalf of patients and provide expert legal testimony on medically complex patients.
  • Coordination of Commercial Services: Services include, but are not limited to, financial management with Certified Public Accountants and property management services with Specialty Realtors.


Who needs us?

Deciding if you need case management services can be just as difficult as deciding what services you or your loved one needs.

You should consider case management if you:

  • Do not live in the same city/state as your loved one.
  • Do not have the time to coordinate and/or manage services and appointments.
  • Are confused about the different home health services and medical providers available.
  • Do not fully understand the medical language and jargon that is commonly used.
  • Need some extra help coordinating the care of your loved one because you are trying to manage your own family and job.
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