Case Management

Who needs Case Management?

Deciding if you need case management services can be just as difficult as deciding what services you or your loved one needs.

You should consider case management if you:

  • Do not live in the same city/state as your loved one.
  • Do not have the time to coordinate and/or manage services and appointments.
  • Are confused about the different home health services and medical providers available.
  • Do not fully understand the medical language and jargon that is commonly used.
  • Need some extra help coordinating the care of your loved one because you are trying to manage your own family and job.

Personalized Case Management plans may include:

  • In-home assessments
  • Development of care plan
  • Coordination of in-home services to aid in continual private home living when possible
  • Referrals and information for community resources
  • Attendance and support at all medical appointments
  • Coordination of transportation to and from all necessary appointments
  • Consultation of medical providers to provide continuity of care
  • Monitoring of the least restrictive environment and coordinate change in a living situation when necessary


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